American Idol Branding Lands In Habbo

The game makes little sense if you look at the demographics of the two products: the love American Idol boys, and Habbo is built for them. American Idol, one of the few concessions that television very interactive with the public, is becoming a trademark through the extension of an agreement with the social networking teen Habbo. When I spoke with FreemantleMedia Enterprises (which owns the franchise American Idol) SVP David L ner, it became clear that the overlap population has been the driving factor in this affair.

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Nicole Richie And Lady Gaga Beware Of The Shoe Lifter

As if that wasn t bad enough, almost Nicole Richie joined her when he lost his Louboutin after walking through muddy grass and shrubs in LA. Fortunately he had a fortune and have managed to escape before taking someone else has done..

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Bush Will Get Pension Of Almost 200 000

However, he ll receive a pension of nearly $ 200,000 to tide over him in his first year of retirement in his new home in Dallas.. The direct income received by President George W Bush taxpayers will be cut in half, leaving the White House next week.

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Ellen Degeneres Gets A New Quot Whacky Quot Golf Club And Surprises Her Audience

After hitting a foam ball in public, you open a hidden compartment in the golf club, which contains a battery-powered weed whacker. Ellen Degenere, an avid golfer, shows his new golf clubs to the delight of his audience daytime shows. The audience exploded in laughter when howls Ellen cut down the flowers on stage with the Big Daddy Weed whacker Golf Club.

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Nominated For British Oscars

Pitt, in fact, is a double-candidate. Mirroring their SAG and Golden Globe Award distinctions, Jolie was nominated as best actress for her role as director Clint Eastwood Changeling, while Pitt has a strizzatina d eye for the main character in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it was announced Thursday. He also in the running for best supporting actor in the Coen Brothers Burn after reading is the point of The face competition from Globe-winning Dark Knight costar Heath Ledger. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and travel for the couple are big prizes at the British equivalent of the Oscar: The Orange British Academy Film Awards.

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